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Meritin Entertainment is a team of creative and technology professionals. We are dedicated to innovating new standards for web entertainment. Our teams combine dynamic stories, art, and advanced technologies to create unique experiences. We bring engaging and interactive worlds to life. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, we push the boundaries of traditional entertainment. Meritin’s work promises to captivate and inspire audiences.


Meritin's team has decades of experience utilizing cutting edge cloud and AI technologies, delivering rich content to millions of users. Aligning this experience with modern generative AI Meritin will craft adventures that are unique for every player.At Meritin we understand that AI is an additive technology. Nothing can replace the creative minds, skills, and hard work of artists and writers. Meritin will combine top tier creative talent with smartly placed AI to ensure unique experiences for all of our users.

Mojave Protocol
モハベ プロトコル

Mojave Protocol is the first project built on Meritin's interactive web-toon framework. Bookmark this site and watch our blog for more details coming soon.

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